Content Policy

All the content written here is copyright free and it is written by all the writers themselves, even 1% of it is not obtained any information from other websites. Here we go to small villages and get all the information from local people. After publishing here.

Here only that information is published which is not already written on any website and we only write about those villages or places about which no one has written before.

Our aim is to provide information to people about all the historical places about which they have not been mentioned at any time and for this reason people do not get information about those historical places.

Nobody should use any content written by us without our permission. It is completely original and copyright free content. The aim of our team is to provide our users information which nobody has told them yet.

We do not write our content as SEO, based on user demand so that we can always provide something better to our user.

Team SUnPluggers.

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